April 18, 2014

d e a t h


d e a t h

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Adbeardture time!

I am so in love

This is glorious

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April 13, 2014

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April 12, 2014

new character XASHA created for new short comic DREAM SKILLS comin to yr face sometimes soon (also Sun Bakery coming soon to those who baked it f y i) 


new character XASHA created for new short comic DREAM SKILLS comin to yr face sometimes soon (also Sun Bakery coming soon to those who baked it f y i) 

April 10, 2014

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April 9, 2014



Edit - more to come in the future

April 9, 2014
Prim Leaves her Father’s House



Prim Leaves her Father’s House
From the Song of Maybe

There came a time when Lord Hansa entered the hollow and singing hall of the multicolored Akaroth, for lunisnight celebrations. There was a great feast there for a fortnight or more, and there, caught in a heated philosophical fugue with Akaroth, Lord Hansa in anger committed the  violation of letting his pipe smoke rise and befoul the all-wind that permeated that house and nourished the ways of the void. Fueled by wine, Akaroth was driven into such a drunken rage by this insult that he harnessed fifty winds to his will and at once slew Hansa with a single stroke of his war fan and felt little regret at the time. Later, in grief, he did heavy penance for this act, for he slew a widely respected man, but all agreed that Lord Hansa had committed a grievous offense.

When Akaroth’s archons learned of this offense, they snatched up the cooling body of Lord Hansa and rode the void to his estate, and there they slew his servants in the multitude and cleft the skulls of his retainers and set fire and lightning upon the land. They tore apart the house of iron nails that stood on that land and within found Hansa’s virginal and radiant daughter Prim, who was preparing her father’s supper, as she did every night. “Look,” said Thunder Cleaves Stone, who was chief in majesty among the retainers of Akaroth, “here is that maid or daughter which he makes a slave. How piteous and crawling a thing!” They fell upon Prim and shaved her beautiful locks and in insult demanded black bread and liquor for hospitality, which she could not fulfill. “Dog!” said they, “and daughter of a dog, live a dog’s life!”, and threw they before her her father’s mangled corpse and left her raw with their laughter in the scoured and smoking ruin of her father’s estate. Later Akaroth learned of their conduct and was greatly enraged for Hansa had been a great wise man, and he had the Archons tied to a flensing tree which stretched the seven corners of the multiverse and there flayed them with lashes of lightning as they had flayed the house of Hansa, and all agreed this was just.

Prim was despondent but did not cry for there was no finer daughter. She took up her cloak and vela and great knife, and felt a little better, and she smeared the ashes of her father’s house on her face and body as was the custom, and she felt a little better, and she wrapped her father’s poor body in a linen shroud and she felt a little better still. She prepared to set upon the road, but she had never left her father’s house, and the thought terrified her, so she plucked a single iron nail from its smoking ruins and pocketed it. So comforted, she slung her father’s corpse over her small back and set off on the road of the Ruling King, which wound seven times through the void and the Wheel, and looked for a place to bury her father.

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April 8, 2014
TheyMightBeGallifreyan: Bill Nye the Science Guy



-Season 1

1. Flight

2. The Earth’s Crust
3. Dinosaurs
4. Skin

5. Buoyancy

6. Gravity

7. Digestion

8. Phases of Matter

9. Biodiversity

10. Simple Machines

11. The Moon

12. Sound

13. Garbage

14. Structures

15. Earth’s Seasons

16. Light and Colour

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April 8, 2014

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Sak Yant - Sacred Magic Tattoos

Sak Yant, called the sacred magic tattoo or Buddhist tattoo, is an ancient type of Thai tattoo. When applied by a Buddhist Monk or Brahman Priest, the tattoo is said to confer mystical powers and protection on the wearer. It incorporates Buddhist prayers, called Mantras or Katas, that will invoke supernatural powers. Centuries ago, these magic spells were originally inscribed on pieces of cloth and Thai soldiers would wear Yant-printed jackets to offer them extra protection in battle.

Even today, many Thai men believe in their mystical powers, and have one or more tattoos inscribed on their bodies. There are stories of people wearing Sak Yant tattoos who were shot or involved in horrific car accidents from which tattoo bearers supposedly emerged unharmed.

The Sak Yant’s power of magic has been known to Thai people for hundreds of years, long before Buddhism came to Thailand. But Sak Yant has only recently become popular in the Western World, partly due to the publicity surrounding well known personalities receiving a Sak Yant tattoo.

photos © Cedric Arnold

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